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Thursday, 20 April 2017

MCX Commodity Market Tips To Make Your Investment Choice More Practiced And Well Balanced:- The mcx commodity market can indeed be a very complicated, nervous and difficult place and this statement seems truer if the investor is a newbie, the genuine number of leads and opportunity that the multi commodity exchange proffers will completely brush you off the feet. It is also noticed that beginner investors are confused, worried and puzzled by the problems involved in the multi commodity exchange performing.

What draws them in the first position is the perspective of hopped ROI (Return on Investment) in a brief period of time, the reason why some people are smarter to this risk required market is the point that it has scripted lots of testimonials and has the possible to make performance in extremely brief time. Yet another major inspiring force is the fact that investing in this market place don’t involve huge start up costs neither does it need any formal education or training on the part of the trader. In this article Let us sneak a quick look through some of the mcx market tips which will keep your way for achievement and will definitely provide you with an advantage over other alternatives.

The greatest place to do a bit of natural research associated with Trading guidelines, Discuss guidelines, intraday guidelines, mcx guidelines, amazing guidelines, etc. Even before you message in for make an investment and looking for successful avenue, it happens to be important to obtain serious associate and important know how about the performance and function of the inventory or the discuss market. What happens in the mcx market is companies are listed and they buy sell mcx segment to expand their trade and traders but mcx segment which have the possible to rise abundantly in a small period of time.

If that specific company succeeds in growing enormously, its inventory values increases and you can then provide your shares at a much high price than what you compensated for it originally. Make a decision which type of investment fund you want to invest; you may not get better the advantage that you could have created in the situation. The key is to invest before the industry reveals an activity. Absolutely the question will come to your thoughts as to how can one know about upcoming distractions even before the industry creates it.

base metals preview today - The price of Copper was down 0.04% in the session ending 19 April 2017. The session saw Copper ending at Rs 361. China's refined copper output rose 8.5 percent in March from a year ago to 764,000 tonnes, it’s highest since at least December 2015, while aluminium and iron ore production levels were the lowest in months, according to the National Statistics Bureau.

If you need the answer just log on to the World Wide Web; search for mcx commodity tips providers which can provide you with precise bullion trading tips, Intraday trading tips, Intraday Jackpot Tips, gold sure shot call, Crude Oil Tips Free Trial, Crude Oil Trading Tips, mcx market tips and a lot more. These firms have different offer right to different unique requirements and financial limitations. You can choose from a variety of plans that suit your individual.

What these organizations will do is offer you accurate and relevant Inventory guidelines, Trading guidelines and mcx commodity guidelines, through email and SMS which will reach you fast and you will have all sufficient a chance to decide and spend in the options that the unsteady and unpredictable multi commodity exchange brings. Author: You will get the best free trial mcx tips and a lot of planning and strategist option in order to make a good mcx market profit.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

These days most of the people have facing big problem how to save money? How to spend money? We are here for you to provided that some money saving tips. MCX market is a reasonable place to invest your money but make sure you have little information about mcx market you require to build up good confidence in the market by knowing the correct time to invest in the market and also the amount of money you are willing to invest in it. We have value for your money that’s why we are provided that you excellent money saving point so that you can double your investment.

Mcx market is attract most of the people because it is an easiest and helpful shortcut way to making money but everything has some pros as well as cons also and same thing with mcx market. It is a world of betting in which people face lots of ups and downs.

The global crude oil price of Indian Basket as computed today by Petroleum Planning and Analysis Cell (PPAC) under the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas was US$ 54.59 per barrel (bbl) on 14.04.2017. This was lower than the price of US$ 54.92 per bbl on previous publishing day of 12.04.2017. In rupee terms, the price of Indian Basket decreased to Rs. 3511.07 per bbl on 14.04.2017 as compared to Rs. 3552.86 per bbl on 12.04.2017. Rupee closed stronger at Rs. 64.32 per US$ on 14.04.2017 as compared to Rs. 64.69 per US$ on 12.04.2017.

Some unique mcx market tips for you to multiply your capital :-

1. You can track market trends, prefer high-potential mcx and make logical investment decisions.

2. You can manage your finance through mcx trading moreover online or in regular.

3. You can trade the shares of publicly listed companies; you can learn the basics of mcx market and technical analysis with specialist recommendation so that you can mcx trades.

We provide MCX Commodity Tips and Crude Oil Trading Tips Service with high accuracy. Carry on research about mcx market it will assist you to learn trading. You will know how to do live market trading like buy and sale, active mcx and day trading. If you are not willing to make any type of investment in the market due to the risks involved in it then you should never try to force yourself. This would only make you lose your income where you might become bust within a very short time. It is also possible to acquire the exact source of information by watching the everyday business news. Kanak Trades provide trading facilities for mcx brokers to trade in mcx and other trades. It all begins with an exchange proposes to organize a “market” to trade contract with mcx, which is known as the “listing” of the mcx.

Monday, 10 April 2017

We have a specialized a new way to trade in MCX market, which minimize risk and maximizes Profit even in Daily Trading.

We are a MCX Research team of well qualified and experienced Analysts, Together we cater and deliver MCX market tips for investors, Traders and Personal portfolio. All services are providing through INSTANT SMS, WHATSAPP or BY PHONE.

More and More people be notify of investors or traders enter in commodity markets to make fast money via either intraday trading or through positional trading but due to lack of experience, knowledge, strategy, discipline or confident ; most of the moment they incur losses. Merely few smart traders/investors earn money in both Rising as well as Falling Markets.

The prices of Refined Gold gained marginal ground with session ending at Rs 28747 per 10 grams. The metal tested a high of Rs 28800 per 10 grams and a low of Rs 28621 per 10 grams. Resistance for Gold is at Rs 28900 and 29000 per 10 grams. Meanwhile, a support for Gold is at Rs 28500 per 10 grams.

Technical Crude Oil was up by 1.91% on the session ending 10 April 2017. On the higher side Rs 3430 per barrel was tested. On the lower side Rs 3365 per kg was noted. Crude Oil closed at Rs 3571 per barrel. Resistance for Crude Oil is at Rs 3480 and 3500 per barrel. Support for Crude Oil is at Rs 3350 per barrel.

The prices of copper declined significantly on the back of short positions increase in the metal. Deprived Copper showed further losses of 0.89% in the session gone by. At the time of closing Copper was at Rs 372.70 per kg. On the higher side, Rs 375.90 per kg was noted while on the lower side, Rs 371.45 per kg was tested. Resistance for Copper is at Rs 378-380 per kg. Supports of Rs 365 and 362 per kg are active.

Mcx crude oil tips have succeeded in their path and have reached at a success rate of 90 to 95%. Mcx crude oil tips let you know the accurate time to invest and trade, so that you are able to maximize your income. Mcx is also the most flexible service provider because you get tips and tricks via sms to your phones. This ensures that you get well-timed alerts of all the rates. Mcx crude oil tips provider give you analysis that is based on technical charts and worldwide markets.

Mcx is the exploratory and advisory firm with specialist fundamental and technical analysts. We endeavor to offer the recent and appropriate accuracy to our customers by guiding and teaching them about trading and capitalizing. Trading experience is enhanced when there are better recommendations. Thus, our aim is to offer you 100% Accurate Mcx Tips and Mcx Jackpot Tips in gold silver and crude oil in order to assist you maximize your prosperity.

Trading has been made flawless with Mcx Thus, step forward to learn and earn significant profit by trading with the help of our online MCX Trading Tips website.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Kanak Trades ISO Certified mcx commodity advisory services is a dedicated website which provides research work for mcx bullion, base metal tips, energy intraday tips Commodity markets of India. Our services are chiefly designed for Investors and Traders to provide most appropriate solution. We have a specialized team of mcx market analysts and commodity investment expert who can offer profitable mcx market tips including positional tips, commodity trading tips, intraday trading tips, gold tips, BSE NSE Tips and MCX Tips. We keep on updating you with mcx market recommendations and accurate mcx market tips through SMS, phone calls and online chatting on daily, weekly and monthly basis which can help you in earning unlimited profit out of your investment.

Kanak Trades is a Delhi based tip Provider festivity and concerned to provide quality customer services to all the people in the field of INVESTMENT for Retail Investors in mcx commodity financial industry.

Our largest strength today is that we are in the market since 10 years. We have seen all the bullish and bearish phases of the mcx market, which has strengthened our understanding of the market and given us the power to sustain through all the cycles We keep an eye on all Global clues as well as all Important Indian & International events to predict market. Kanak Trades Research, founded in 1990, is India’s top mcx tips provider company, provides a wide range of financial services and investment solutions.

The brightness of silver has fallen. In the domestic market, it has lost nearly 200 rupees. In a week, the price of silver has fallen to around 1000 rupees. Silver is below 42,000 rupees in domestic market. Even today, there is more silver fall than gold. On the MCX, gold is trading 0.25% down at 28,680 rupees.

The fall in crude oil is high. Brent Crude is trading at $ 55.5 in the international market, while the price of WTI Crude at NYMX has come down to $ 52.75. At the same time, crude oil on MCX is slipping 1 percent and trading at 3525 rupees. However, there has been a sharp rise in natural gas. Natural gas at MCX has grown by about 3% to Rs 194.8.

Recovery has come after the fall of the previous days in the base metal. At present, the price of aluminum on MCX is flat and looks at Rs 125.3. Copper is trading at Rs 388 against the rate of 0.4 per cent. However, Nickel has broken 0.7 percent and is trading at Rs 706.3. At the same time, the Led 0.3 has risen to 149.5 rupees. Zinc is trading more than 0.5 percent to 180.5 rupees.

Today the decline in sugar in the agri commodity has gone up. The price of sugar in futures is at the lower level of 3 months. Actually government fears the interference. There is also a sharp decline in sugar in the global market. In addition, coriander futures have been reduced by about 2% in spices. However, guar seed and guar gum have gained momentum today.

Gold prices reaching 2 weeks high price at Rs. 22,232 per 8 gram and has increased up to Rs 240 for 8 grams this week. Investors are rushing to buy gold, as they feel there will be a setback to cut the corporate taxes by Donald Trump as a part of this reforms, which also raising doubts over other reforms to be implemented, so there is sudden panic creating among the investors which is aiding this up move.

We provide Perfect Mcx Tips, Intraday Jackpot Tips, 100% Sure Mcx Tips, Safe Mcx Trading Tips, Silver SureShot Call with high accuracy. We have a specialized team of Mcx market analyst who study market daily, in fact minute after minute. We don’t mind whether market is bullish or bearish as we know how to deal with both of these in best way. Work as per our strategy and suggestions you will stay in profit.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Kanak Trades an ISO certified Intraday Trading Tips Provider Company, adds the dynamic increase factor to your financial and investments by guiding you through the land of opportunities and maximizing your returns. We served thousands of investors over the four decades through research work in MCX, Investment Calls and Trading Tips. We have a specialized in investment calls expert who can offer profitable Intraday Tips including Bullion, Base Metal and Energy Advisory Services & Commodity Advisory Services We keep on updating you with mcx market recommendations and accurate mcx market tips through SMS, Phone Calls and online chatting. We bring up to you News & News Letter updates through daily, weekly and monthly basis.

We are dedicated to assist you grow your wealth, consistently. Our aim is to assist you maximize your capital, as a trader or as a long term investor. We suggest informed and well researched advice, on your investments. Our strong point clearly lies in identifying larger and powerful trend in the Indian MCX Market, using analysis tools. This helps us in spotting bigger trend in advance, enabling us to pick gorgeous trade set-ups, with favorable risk reward ratio. Keeping in mind the requirements of a short term trader, our instruction is based on technical analysis using the Elliott Wave theory, and other technical analysis parameters.

If you are a long term investor, we use fundamental analysis for identifying a long term story and use technical analysis to time the entry for such an investment. This strategy has helped us in identifying lots of investment ideas, which have gone up by over 100 times. We are In Indian Market since 1 Decades. We have seen all the bullish and bearish phase in the Indian Stock Market. Our team members are well experienced and well known financial analysts holding good command, knowledge and experience on ELLIOT WAVE THEORY. This is the best part of Kanak Trades.

The decline in crude oil has increased. Crude prices have fallen nearly 1.5 percent in the domestic market. At the same time, in the US, crude oil is trading below $ 48 on NiMax, due to the increase in production. The fall in the global market has impacted domestic prices. Crude oil on MCX slipped 1.4 percent and came down to 3200 rupees. On the other hand, natural gas is down 1.09% and trading at levels of 191 rupees.

Meanwhile, the base metal too has been broken. Copper on MCX has come down nearly 1 per cent and is trading at a price of Rs 387.25. While zinc and lead also dropped sharply. Zinc 0.6 percent on MCX is broken. At the same time, the lid is 0.3 percent weak and there is a slight decline in aluminum.

Our Vision To grow along with our customers by entering into the major global exchanges and make Kanak Trades the finest research house. Our management team has a wide range of expertise, which ensures value added services for our customers. Our aim is to build real partnership with a limited number of customers by providing consistent, top quality service.

Our mission is to be a global corporation with a clear focus and to earn and be worthy of our customer’s faith by provided that them with services which are economically and financially beneficial to them and to create awareness regarding the safe trading and investment amongst our customers around the world.

Our management team has a wide range of Experienced, which guarantees helpful solutions for our clients. Our aim is to build real collaboration with a small number of clients by giving reliable, Intraday Jackpot Tips98% Accurate MCX Tips Free Trial, MCX Silver Positional Tips, Commodity Tips Free Trial, Commodity Jackpot Call and Jackpot Commodity Tips service.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Everybody say that Gold is one of the most difficult marketplaces to trade and there is some fact to that – Gold doesn’t move like other marketplaces and if traders want to achieve success dealing it , they have to keep several things in mind. Over the a lot of tracking and examining the gold market we observed many effective guidelines and styles. We efficiently used them and are still implementing them for our gold and silver trades and we will discuss our knowledge on this page. It took a lot of examining, testing and using our own investment to ensure that these factors are really useful.

Kanak Trades Advisory Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001-2008 authorized Company one of the Commodity Advisory Organization in Indian MCX Commodity Market. Our powerful hold in offering the most precise Tips makes us stand apart from our opponents. Kanak Trades Advisory Pvt. Ltd. is an rich and full-fledged technology motivated company with maintainable aggressive benefits as a result of powerful brand, unrivaled reliability and market management across the market. For us, the first concern is benefit of our customers and we accomplish this by working regularly for them and their good. Kanak Trades Advisory Pvt. Ltd. provides personalized services to our customers as per their specifications regardless of the size and type of their capital at very affordable Prices With Their Best Assistance By Qualified Assistance Team.

After heavy tremendous this week, the move to sleep has stopped. After crossing $ 1230 in the global market yesterday, today it is trading near $ 1225. There is also a slight pressure from the upper level in silver. In fact, the recovery has started from the 5-week low level of the dollar, and that is why a bull and silver speed has been hit.

However, after the fall of yesterday, crude oil has recovered and it is trading with a slight increase. But despite this increase, Brent's price is below $ 52. Copper is on the London Metal Exchange today and it has gone up to $ 5,900. This is showing the biggest weekly increase in the last five weeks. However, Zinc has gained the fastest 5 percent this week.

Soybean pressure is in the global market in agri commodity. At the same time, the recovery of the dollar has ended the rupee's strength and today the rupee is trading with less than 0.25% weakness against the dollar. Currently MCX is trading 0.2 percent higher at 28,470 rupees. Silver is trading at 0.4 per cent and is trading at Rs 40,755. At the MCX, crude oil has jumped 0.5 percent to 3210 rupees. However, natural gas has come down 0.5 percent to Rs 191.1.

In the base metals, all the metals except the aluminum are showing up. Currently, on MCX, the copper is trading 0.2 per cent higher at Rs 388.5, while the move to aluminum is flat. Nickel has reached a peak of 672.2 with 0.8 per cent jump. Lead is trading 0.75 percent and is trading at Rs. 147.65. Zinc is trading at 0.75 percent with a strength of Rs 185.65.

There is a break on gold bullion. In fact, the dollar has been falling below the 5-week low level. In such a situation, gold is in a very small area. There is also sluggishness in silver. After yesterday's fall, recovery in crude oil has come today. Although the business is extremely dull. Meanwhile, the initial edge of the metal has ended. Aluminum has come under pressure. Copper has also become weak. Although copper has seen the biggest gain of last 5 weeks on London Metal Exchange, with this week, Zinc has gained 5%.

Crude oil on MCX has gone up by 0.3 per cent to Rs 3205, while natural gas is falling more than 1 per cent to around 190 rupees. In the domestic market, the silver is trading at around Rs 40740 with an increase of 0.3 per cent, while gold is trading close to Rs 28,470 with 0.2 per cent increase.

Speaking of agri commodities, the two commodities of soybean and mustard are on radar today. There is pressure in both. Soybean is down in the domestic market where about 5 percent has broken during this month. There has been a decline of about 4% in the global market this week. In fact this year Brazil has record production of soybean. In this way, there is pressure on soybean prices in the whole world. On the other hand there are mustard. Its new crop has started in the incoming markets and the price is about 200 to 300 bucks below the MSP. In the markets of Jaipur, Kota, Bharatpur and Alwar soybean is sold from 3300 to 3400 quintals.

On turmeric on NCDEX, April futures are seen at a level of Rs 6538 with a slight increase of 0.09 per cent, while Soyabean's April futures are trading around Rs 2,890 with flat moves, while Soya oil's April futures rose by 0.3 per cent. With Rs 640 is seen close to Rs. The march futures of Mentha oil on MCX seem to be around Rs 1005, with a marginal increase of 0.05 percent. The same futures of crude palm oil have been trading around Rs 520 with 0.1 percent increase.

Kanak Trades Advisory Pvt. Ltd. have an organization of experts who have 10-12 years Experience in commodity market & Economical Advisory in the International Marketplaces . Our Professional Guarantees for better Changing Prosperity & Success through the Ideas which are generated after extensive research of the markets worldwide.

Our Professional Group provides MCX Intraday Tips, Accurate Crude Oil Calls, Positional Trading Calls & suggesting in building wealth through good commodity trading tips & Investment Assistance. Our Professional also provides Mcx Tips Free Trial trading tips in Gold, Silver, Copper, lead, Zinc, Nickel Crude Oil, N.Gas also in Aluminium.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Kanak Trades offer you the most excellent investment & trading solutions in Free Commodity Tips, Mcx Trading Tips, Mcx Tips. Our in depth research mechanism is perfect blend of fundamental & technical analysis which provides you with close to perfection trading alerts. The trading tips are suitable equally for Mcx Commodity Tips intraday traders & positional investors. We have made an effort at kanaktrades.com to bring you the top Indian Finance market Analysts of the country all under one roof. Kanaktrades.com has established itself as one of the premier platforms for Analysts particularly technical analysts of Global mcx market.

It is one of the few sites provided that research and information on Indian mcx commodity markets mainly based on Technical Analysis and enjoys a strong reputation among-st investors, brokers and researchers. Kanak Trades Provides Intraday and positional tips in MCX Commodity market. In Commodity we have 3 different packages Bullion Pack, Energy Pack and Base Metals Pack. In Bullion we cover Gold and Silver Predictions, In Energy we cover Crude Oil and Natural Gas and in Base Metals are covering Copper, Zinc, Lead, Nickel, and Aluminum Tips. Our goal is achieve maximum returns on our consumer investments.

On Monday, Silver prices extended its gains and surge above the psychological level of 44000 marks and broken just above that. On the daily chart, it is moving along with the rising trend line taking supports of the same. Prices’ ending above 44000 is representing further upside potential towards the next resistance of 50% retrenchment mark i.e., 44500 then 45000. For the day we recommend buying around 44000 for targets of 44500 then 44800.

Spot gold prices cut down by 0.3 percent to $1248.5/oz, retreating from three and half month highs yesterday ahead of Trump’s speech before the Congress. Still, the safe haven metal has witnessed gains of around 4 percent in February thanks to improbability regarding Trump’s policies and Federal Reserve interest rate path going forward.

Commodity Jackpot is the very important to everyone in the World Because Everyone Wants Big Money Daily by Any Source ether trading or gambling. We Provide Commodity Jackpot Calls and Crude Oil Trading Tips On The Basis On Technical And Fundamental Analysis By Which Traders & Jobbers Get Huge Profit Intraday With Minimum Risk. Traders Can Recover Their Previous Losses In The Commodity Market This Section Covers All Intraday Tips In Bullion, Gold Silver And Base Metals And Energy.

Our Vision To grow along with our customers by entering into the major worldwide exchanges and make Kanak Trades the finest research company. Our organization team has a wide range of expertise, which ensures value added services for our customers. Our aim is to build real partnership with a limited number of customers by providing consistent, top quality service.
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